Super Glinx!

Super Glinx! 1.01

Link similar shapes together to remove them from the board
3.5  (6 votes)

The objective of this game is to link similar shapes together by rows and columns of two or more pieces to remove them from the board.
The more you clear at once the better punctuation you get, use the powerups wisely to connect more pieces. This is where strategy begins and lots of special pieces to make it even more difficult or easier to win.

Click on the last piece in the link chain created to remove those pieces. You have to remove all the shapes on the board to go onto the next level, so watch out and don't forget to link any of them otherwise you will lose.

There are two game modes in this game: Action and Puzzle. In action mode you run against the clock and in the puzzle mode you can think freely with no time pressure. Also it lets you select the difficulty so you don't find the game boring after a while

This game really draws your attention, one game after another you will play without stop clearing all the pieces before time runs out!
It is an excellent game to get your mind working and thinking a lot, and doesn't require a lot of your system resources.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Mind challenging game
  • Fun


  • The game easily misreads the mouse commands
  • Gets easy after a while
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